The first training, out of two planned for employees in the city administration of Uzice, was held on August 18. The training was held with the aim of discussing bulky waste management among the structures that create and monitor the implementation of public policies in this area.

The training aimed to acquaint participants with the plans of the BWL project, inform each other about the challenges that characterize this separate waste stream, but also define the measures that should ensure the establishment of a sustainable system in this area.

The conclusions of the meeting could be summarized in four key things:

– appoint a competent authority that will coordinate and synchronize all activities in the waste management sector (which is also a legal obligation);

– to form a permanent working group that will deal with the improvement of the waste management system in the city of Uzice;

– start drafting the Local Waste Management Plan, because the previous one has expired;

– start drafting a special Decision on the management of decline and thus separate this topic from the comprehensive Decision on communal planning.