Within the project E761 Convergence, implemented by Academica/Centre for Creative Economy Research from Belgrade, OIA from Sarajevo and Forca from Pozega, a conference entitled “Creative tensions – creative activities and youth initiatives in economic development of cities and municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and their social cohesion” has been held.

The conference was organized in Tuzla, from October 31st until November 2nd 2013, with more than 150 participants, representatives of local authorities and the creative sector, from 14 cities in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The conference program consisted of introductory speeches given by the experts in creative sector and representatives of local authorities, the plenary discussion where the EU program “Creative Europe” was presented, thematic workshops led by experts in entrepreneurship development, social networks, non-profit models of cooperation, youth policy, urban development, and the presentation of the donors who support projects in the creative sector on a regional level.

The conference “Creative tensions” dealt with the topic of relationship established between creativity/culture and local economic development in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, considering the opportunities and obstacles to development of the cities and its creative sector, especially from the perspective of civil society, youth initiatives and new models of collaboration.

M. Milojevic-A. Djeric

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