Last weekeng, teacher of ecology sections in Tuzla primary and secondary schools, who are enrolled in project “Schools Waste Less”, visited Užice. Teachers from Tuzla wanted to meet Užice colleagues before they go together to Tara eco-camp, camp for primary school students at the end of August.

Full-day visit began with short city tour and later, delegation visited PUC “Duboko” where visitors were familiar with the work of Waste Selection Center. After this visit, teacher went to ethno village “Terzića yard” where they had meeting with the aim of reaching final agreement on organization of the eco-quiz for pupils and exchange experiences about project.

After pleasant time in traditional rural household, guests from Tuzla visited Kadinjaca and went back home. Project partners meeting helped in linking Užice and Tuzla, cities that in previous period cooperated through cross-border projects.

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