The Symposium “Opportunities for Social Integration through Sport” was successfully held on November 2, 2019, in Sarajevo within the project “Social Integration through Para sport – Parainspired!”

Participants had the opportunity to be informed on topics such as classifications in Paralympic sports, the relationship between coaches and athletes, parasport health, teamwork, leadership.

The Symposium was officially opened by the President of the BiH Paralympic Committee, Sabahudin Delalic, who presented all the obstacles through which para-athletes go on a daily basis. Also, He emphasized that love for sports is the strongest motivation for people with physical disabilities in the current unfavourable environment.

Said Fazlagic,  General Secretary of the Olympic Committee, addressed to the participants, highlighting the work of the BiH Olympic Committee on EU projects. Mr Fazlagic particularly emphasizing the importance of conducting research into the state of participation of persons with disabilities in sports, procurement of specific equipment for para-athletes and enhancement of cross-border relationships.