Zlatibor played host to the Regional Tourism Conference from December 7th to 9th, 2023. The event brought together over 70 experts from the tourism sector, including representatives from relevant institutions, organizations, and service industries in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Under the project “Open-Air Everywhere” , the conference aimed to explore new outdoor locations to enhance the quality of the tourist experience. It provided a platform for showcasing various perspectives on the development of niche tourism, with a particular focus on outdoor tourism. Destination branding emerged as a central theme, drawing key figures from tourism organizations, business sectors, and academic communities. Participants gained valuable insights into the distinction between a brand as a standalone entity and the active process of brand management, actively shaping and participating in the brand creation.

The conference served as an opportune moment for the promotion of significant expected outcomes of the project. One of the most crucial takeaways from the conference is the forthcoming document of recommendations. These recommendations will address incentives and regulations in special-interest tourism, spanning various levels of authority in both partner countries.

The collaborative effort at the conference, attended by a diverse array of stakeholders, has the potential to influence policy-making and strategic initiatives in the tourism sector. As a result, the region anticipates positive changes that will further boost its appeal as a unique and diverse tourist destination.

The event underscored the region’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and sustainable tourism practices.