Project title: Improved waste water and environment management in the areas of Ub and Eastern Sarajevo

Axis:  Measure 1.1, Environment

Budget: SRB € 137,498.50 & BIH € 173,954.34                        Total € 311,452.84

Applicants:  Applicant 1 – Public Utility Service Company “?unis” Ub- Ub, Serbia

43 Djunis

Applicant 2 – Public Water and Sewerage Companies “Vodovod i Kanalizacija” Eastern Sarajevo – Eastern Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

43 VIKlogo

Partners: Applicant 1’s partners – Association “Safe Life”

Applicant 2’s partners – N/A

Duration of the Action:  12 months

Overall objective: To improve environment protection and human health through the cross border cooperation between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Overall duration of action is 12 months.
Specific objectives: To promote environmental awareness on sustainable water use and protection at municipal level through the cross border cooperation..
Target groups:   Staff of public utility organisations “KJP Djunis” from Ub and “Vodovod and Kanalizacija ad” from Eastern Sarajevo (total 206 employees- 106 Ub + 100 E.Sarajevo);
Final beneficiaries: End-users of the project, the households, economy and institutions, Citizens of municipalities Ub and Eastern Ilidza. Eastern Novo Sarajevo, Trnovo (approximately 80% of urban population in both areas); Roma population from Ub (approximately 100 households, some 500 citizens) and inhabitants of new settlements in E.Sarajevo (Mladice, Prljevo brdo); Pavlovac ( app. 300 households, or 1500 citizens); Children of school and pre-school age (5-15 years old approximately 400). Final beneficiaries:

Population of Ub municipality (approximately 30,000) and 3 municipalities of Eastern Sarajevo (about 35.000  citizens); Citizens of Kolubara region in Republika Serbia (180,000) and citizens of city Sarajevo (approximately 500,000). In order to join the European Union, both countries  need to harmonise their national legislation concerning

Estimated results of the action:

 – successful implementation of the joint cross border actions for reducing negative effects of pollution on human health and environment caused from municipal sewer networks.

– equipment for improved maintenance of water supply and sewerage networks procured and staff trained on its use.

– transfer of knowledge and good practice between the Applicant organizations demonstrated on the use of equipment and measures to improve water supply and sewerage maintenance.

– increased awareness of citizens on environment protection issues through the education and awareness activities

– cooperation established and strengthened with Slovenian counterpart institution for transfer of knowledge and EU related experience.

Main activities:

Activity 1. Project management.

Activity 2. Equipment procurement. To reduce water losses and improve maintenance of water supply and sewerage networks in each project area, it has been envisaged to procure some specialised equipment, namely water leak detection equipment  and special equipment for unclogging the sewerage network. The aim of detection equipment will be to identify and reduce unaccounted for water due to system leakage. The special equipment will allow for quick, efficient and modern way of cleaning and maintenance of sewerage network. It will serve for purification of sewerage system with water jet under high pressure and for the suction of sludge content.

Activity 3: Study tour to each of Applicant institution. Purpose of this activity is to promote the technical level cooperation and transfer of knowledge and experience between the Applicant institutions. Training activities for the staff from Ub will focus on the use of equipment for leak detection

Activity 4. Presentations and education of citizens of Ub and Eastern Sarajevo municipalities. This activity will involve organization of educative and promotional events for the target groups including children of school and preschool age, rural and Roma population in Ub and new settlements in Eastern Sarajevo urban and rural area, on importance of environment protection and sanitation for the human health

Activity 5. Study visit of Applicant institutions to Slovenia. Purpose of this activity is to extend partnership and cooperation with other countries from the region, preferably those with much broader knowledge of EU legislation and standards. Visit to Slovenia of both partners will contribute to the projects sustainability in terms of setting a more permanent links for exchange of knowledge and modern practices in water supply and sewer network maintenance.

Activity 6. Public awareness and media campaigns, In order to reach the entire population of the targeted and broader areas, the intensive promotional campaigns will be performed to promote the Project and its relevant topics, such as healthy and environmentally useful living habits in urban areas, importance of proper management and protection