EUMETAL2 project team members held third joint meeting in “Park” hotel in Rogatica on 9th December 2013, with the aim to agree on details of the future implementation activities, which are planned within the project.

After successfully implemented needs analysis of the metal sector companies in the border area, next joint activity is organization of training for SMEs managers in this sector. Seminar aim is strengthening the human capacities in SMEs, as well as their organizational and negotiation skills and also introducing the basic principles of management, leadership and modern management rules. Training is going to cover following topics: “Organization, leadership and internal communication”, which includes requirements, problems and practical experience of the modern management, while the second topic “Sales approaches, market expansion, negotiation” will include ways to increase competitiveness and development strategies of the sales-oriented companies. Training is scheduled for 26 and 27 December 2013 in Sarajevo.

Project team member have created the performance concept for the International Trade Fairs in Hanover and following activities in relation to the preparation of the “Metal industry guide in cross-border area”. The next meeting of project team members is scheduled for February 2014.