After four months of primary waste selection in schools in Uzice, first of the first phase of this process are available. From the moment that waste bins were placed in schools (in the middle of May), through the purchase of truck (in August) and containers procurement (in September), 14 schools from Uzice collected 5.9 tonnes of raw materials which were distributed through the “Duboko” Regional Sanitary Landfill for Waste Management.

Primary schools “Nada Matic” and “Slobodan Sekulic” and secondary schools – School of Economics and School of Medicine, have had best results so far. Considering the fact that are different in size, number of students, location and number of employees, it is quite natural that the results of primary waste selection process are dissimilar. There are currently monitoring visits to all schools which participate in project and thus will provide us with detailed information on the current situation in order to eliminate potential problems and also to identify best practice examples that should be transfered.

Report on the quantities of waste collected from the beginning of project can be seen here.

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