Measure I.1 – Improving the productivity and competitiveness of the area’s economic, rural and environmental resources.


Project Title:  Zlatibor – Jahorina: Cooperation on Magic Way


Project Budget:

  Project Value EU Contribution
Republic of Serbia € 92,802.70 €66,432.70
Bosnia and Herzegovina €60,407.22   € 45,827.22
TOTAL                                         €153,209.92 €112,259.92



Beneficiary of funds in the Republic of Serbia: Municipality of Čajetina

Beneficiary of funds in Bosnia and Herzegovina:  Municipality of Pale


Partners: Municipality of Arilje, Serbia

                 Tourist organization Zlatibor, Serbia


Area of implementation:

  • Serbia: Territory of the municipalities of Čajetina and Arilje
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Territory of the municipality of Pale

The target groups of the project: Tourism workers and businessmen (1500), Local governments (10), SME / SMI sector (800)


Project duration: 01.04.2011. – 30.11.2012


Project objectives:

The overall objectives:

Overall objective 1: Supporting the economic development of rural, highland-mountain cross border areas.

Overall objective 2: Established long-term cooperation of Čajetina and Pale municipalities, by connecting people and improving the business climate in tourism.

The specific objective:

Improved competitiveness of tourist offers of municipalities of Čajetina and Pale, the joint action through the exchange of knowledge, experience and development of tourist infrastructure.


Activities and results of the project



The project helped to develop human resources of employees who work in the field of tourism through two seminars conducted on two sides of the border. Various tourist workers participated such as tourism professionals from the sector of accommodation, caterers, representatives of tourist organizations, travel agencies, young environmentalists, representatives of Mountain Rescue Service, bikers, hikers and skiers.

Seminars resulted in connecting people and better understanding of the tourist centres Zlatibor and Jahorina, exploring the possibilities of development and linking the two largest mountain tourist centres of Serbia and BiH.


Within the project several trails were reconstructed, modernized and adjusted to the needs of potential visitors. On Zlatibor mountain 2,5 km of walking path was adjusted for use of tourists by setting up signs and rest areas. Also on Tornik 14 km of trails were modernized and adjusted for hiking and mounting biking. On Jahorina mountain former biathlon track was reconstructed and prepared for use by hikers and mountain bikers. The trail was also equipped with signs, rest areas and bathroom.


The improved tourist infrastructure has contributed to the promotion of the tourist offer of the two most visited tourist sites of the cross-border area. The marking of new walking, biking and hiking trails improved conditions for the development of sports and recreational tourism.