Programme: CBC SRB-BiH 2014-2020
Call for Proposals: 3rd
Contract No. 48-00-162/2021-28-4 signed on  December 16th 2022
Project Title: Strengthening pedestrian corridor in the cross-border area of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (E-CrossPass)
Specific objective of the Programme: SO 3.1. Increasing the contribution of tourism to the socio-economic development of the programme area
Programmes’ result: Result inclusion 3.1.1: The offer and quality of tourism products and services is furthered based on joint efforts and initiatives
Project budget: Total contract amount (€): Contracted amount EU (€) and

% of total contract amount:

€  403,440.81 €  342,892.72


Beneficiaries of funds: Lead applicant: Co-applicants:

Tourism Organization of Uzice


Planinarsko drustvo Konjuh, Konjuh

Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection, Tuzla


Mountaineers Association of Serbia, Belgrade

Location of the action: SRB: BiH:
Uzice and Municipalities of Bajina Basta, Cajetina, Priboj and Prijepolje Tuzla and Municipalities of Zivinice, Kladanj, Vlasenica, Han Pijesak, Srebrenica and Visregrad 
Target groups: TG1: Relevant national and regional bodies;

TG2: 12 local self- governments in cross-border area;

TG 3: 12 local tourism and 2 regional tourism organizations;

TG 4: 10 Mountaineers associations;

TG5: more than 250 different outdoor tourism service providers;

TG 6: 15 protected areas

Commencement date and project duration: February 01st 2023, 24 months
Overall objective: To contribute to introduction of relevant European practices in outdoor tourism of cross-border area as a driver of socio-economic development
Specific objective(s) or project purpose: Improving the quality of the outdoor tourism offer in accordance with European standards
Estimated results: O1 – Hiking and pedestrian trails infrastructure in CB area adjusted to the European long-distance path standards

O2 – Capacity building of service providers in hiking and pedestrian trails in the cross-border area

03 – Hiking and pedestrian trails in CB area adequately promoted in the regional market


Main activities

(in relation to the estimated results of the action):

A1.1. Tracing and marking 580 km of hiking and pedestrian trails in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

A1.2 Equipping of hiking and pedestrian trails in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in line with long-distance path standards

A1.3 Setting up rest points along capillary network of hiking and pedestrian trails in Serbia

A2.1 Organization of joint training for marking of hiking and pedestrian trails

A2.2 Organization of the joint training for mountain and hiking guides according to the standards of the European Ramblers Association

A2.3 Realization of study visit to one of trails with world class standards ( LQT certified trail)

A3.1 Realization of promotional events

A3.2 Design and printing of thematic promotional material

A3.3 Media promotion