Measure I.1 – Improving the productivity and competitiveness of the area’s economic, rural, cultural and environmental resources.


Project Title:  Selective waste collection

Project Budget:

  Project Value EU Contribution
Republic of Serbia € 97,234.23 € 132,584.23
Bosnia and Herzegovina € 109,710.00 € 131,358.00
TOTAL                                        € 206,944.23 € 263,942.23



Beneficiary of funds in the Republic of Serbia: COMMUNAL PUBLIC ENTERPRISE “ĐUNIS” UB

Beneficiary of funds in Bosnia and Herzegovina:  MUNICIPALITY OF MODRICA




Area of implementation:

  • Serbia: area of Kolubara, Ub    
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: the Republic of Srpska, Modrica


The target groups of the project: Citizens (all categories), employees in utility companies, small-scale economy, economy, local community


Project duration: 01.12.2010. – 01.03.2012


Project objectives: The objective of the project is to improve environmental protection and minimize the negative impact of waste on the local environment.

The overall objectives: Improvement of environmental protection and efficiency of resource use in the territory of the municipalities of Ub and Modrica

The specific objectives of the project:

  • Minimizing of the negative impact of waste on the environment
  • Procurement of bins and dumpsters for selective waste collection and composters
  • Prevention of people and animal health deterioration
  • Improving of waste management system
  • Developing of people’s environmental awareness and culture through cross-border cooperation and different actions


Activities and results of the project


Two municipalities have introduced a system of primary separation of waste and encouraged the development of the recycling sector to prevent the deterioration of health of people and animals, improve the waste management system and raise awareness of environmental protection in the cross-border region.

The Municipality Modriča was purchased and set up 15 containers of 5m3, 102 containers of 1.1 m3 and 4550 bins of 120 l. In the Municipality of Ub was purchased in 2200 bins of 120 litters, 45 containers of 1.1 m3 and 300 of the composter.  The containers were placed for use in the city centar, while the bins distributed to households in single family home.

Promotion activities of the project were organized on World Environment Day and Earth Day.  Memorandum of twinning the two municipalities and cooperation agreement with the utility companies were signed, which ensured the sustainability of the project.

Citizens were educated through the project about the necessity of selective waste disposal and the importance of recycling. The project was presented at the Fair of Local Authorities of South-East Europe, NEXPO in Sarajevo in March 2011 and at the club of the UB Cultural Centre in May 2011.


Utility and other companies gained new opportunities to expand their business activities and the final users can feel the benefits of improved waste collection, which will motivate them to adopt a proactive attitude towards environmental protection.


That was the first step in organizing the selective waste collection and recycling. Waste management system has been set up so that utility companies continue with these activities after the end of the project. The established cooperation between different sectors will ensure further progress on the topic of waste management.