Measure I.1– Improving the productivity and competitiveness of the area’s economic, rural and environmental resources.


Project Title:  Over the Border Raspberries

Project Budget:

  Project Value EU Contribution
Republic of Serbia € 236.470,00 € 197.450,00
Bosnia and Herzegovina € 157.710,00 € 128.100,00
TOTAL € 394.180,00 € 325.550,00



Beneficiary of funds in the Republic of Serbia: Municipality of Arilje

Beneficiary of funds in Bosnia and Herzegovina:  Municipality of Istocni Stari Grad




Area of implementation:

  • Serbia: Zlatibor District, Municipality of Arilje and Municipality of Čajetina
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Municipality of Istocni Stari Grad and Municipality of Sokolac

The target groups of the project: farmers from municipalities of Arilje, Čajetina, Istočni Stari Grad and Sokol, agriculture experts, professional institutions, local self-management, representatives from local and/or regional media


Project duration: 01.12.2010-31.01.2013


Project objectives:

The overall objectives:

 Overall objective 1: Stimulating development of intensive and ecologically acceptable economic activities in rural regions of the cross border area.

Overall objective 2: Providing contribution in connecting people, communities and exchanges of ideas in the border area

The specific objectives of the project: Improving productivity and competitiveness of the rural resources in the field of berrylike fruit production, through joint partner activities, transfer of know-how and good practice with regard to the principles of environmental protection


Activities and results of the project


Through project “Over the Border Raspberries” was improved cooperation among farmers and conditions for fruit growing by forming experimental raspberry plantations.

Three local experienced experts in the field of berrylike fruit production were engaged by Municipality of Arilje. Six introductory lectures held by experts on the topics of intensive and environmentally friendly production of berrylike fruit.  The experts provided support to growers from four Municipalities which participated in the project – Arilje, Čajetina, Sokolac and Istočni Stari Grad. They covered the topics related to contemporary trends in the production of berrylike fruit, cultivars and latest technology for the formation of experimental raspberry plantations. Project experts selected 60 locations (out of 100 soil analysed) with the greatest potential for successful formation of experimental raspberry plantations. Farmers prepared their land for experimental raspberry plantations. Also, experts regularly visited the plantations and advised the growers about necessary measures and activities for further care of the plantations. As result of those efforts was 24 existing plantations were improved and 35 new plantations were formed in compliance intensive and ecologically acceptable production.

Municipalities of Istocni Stari Grad and Sokolac engaged two trainers with aim to provide support to farmers after the completion of the project activities.

30 growers from Istočni Stari Grad and Sokolac Municipalities visited their counterparts in Arilje and Čajetina Municipalities to gain practical experience in raspberry growing and harvesting methods.

 Also, the joint study tour was organised to the Republic of Slovenia for 86 participants from participated project area. During the study visit participants had opportunity to learn about experiences in intensive and environmentally friendly berrylike fruit production and about examples of good practice.

Within the project, Manual of intensive and ecologically acceptable production of berry fruit was published and printed in 1000 copies.  Efficient visibility of the project provided through website  , 45 radio, newspapers and websites reports, 11 TV reports, printed material.

The end of the project was marked by the “Raspberry Days” fair. The manifestation was organized with the goal to promote all accomplishments in the raspberry production at one joint manifestation.