Measure I.2 – Cross-border initiatives targeting the exchange of people and ideas to enhance the professional and civic society cooperation.


Project Title:  Multimedia in schools-our connection with the world

Project Budget:

  Project Value EU Contribution
Republic of Serbia €49,600.00 €40,672.00
Bosnia and Herzegovina €32,843.00   € 27,259.69
TOTAL                                          € 82,443.00 € 67,931.69



Beneficiary of funds in the Republic of Serbia: Primary school “Milan Munjas” Ub

Beneficiary of funds in Bosnia and Herzegovina: High school centre “Jovan Cvijic” Modrica


Partners: Technical school “Ub”,Ub, Grammar school “Branislav Petronijevic”,Ub, Primary school “Dusan Danilovic”,Radljevo, Primary school “Rajko Mihailovic”,Banjani, Primary school “Sveti Sava”,Pambukovica,  Serbia; Primary school “Sveti Sava” and Primary school “Sutjeska” from Modrica, BiH


Area of implementation:

  • Serbia: Kolubara Region, Ub Municipality
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: North-East Region, Modrica Municipality

The target groups of the project: The target groups are teachers of foreign language and information and technology and pupils in primary and secondary education in Ub and Modrica. In Ub municipality target group consisted of 11 teachers and 1763 pupils. In Modrica municipality target group were 9 teachers and 1687 pupils.


Project duration: 06.04.2012. – 05.06.2013.


Project objectives:

The overall objective:

Improvement and modernisation of education system implementing modern, multimedia means which will lead to better cooperation between schools in the region.

The specific objectives:

Specific objective 1. Conditions made for the use of modern educational technologies

Specific objective 2. Using multimedia in teaching better quality of teaching process

Specific objective 3. Increased motivation of pupils and teachers

Specific objective 4. Via WEB portal cooperation between schools Ub and Modrica



Activities and results of the project


Schools in Ub and Modriča purchased modern equipment as a part of the project activities. 9 schools in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina were equipped with IT equipment (computers, printers, and headphones), literature and educational software. Modern multimedia equipment as a condition to keep up with the world was utilised by the teachers and students of the schools.


20 IT and foreign languages teachers taught 80 classes after they have been educated how to use multimedia equipment. Some of the classes were taught using video conferencing as a tool. Students enjoyed new equipment which was shown also in the increase of their average grade for the subjects of IT and foreign languages.


The project empowered schools for bringing up new initiatives and projects for professional training and improvement of the teaching in general.