Programme: CBC SRB-BiH 2014-2020
Call for Proposals: 3rd
Contract No. 48-00-162/2021-28-9 signed April 26th 2023
Project Title: Eco Tourism in the Cross-border Area between Serbia and BIH: Cross border BIRDWATCHING
Specific objective of the Programme: SO 3.1. Increasing the contribution of tourism to the socio-economic development of the programme area
Programmes’ result: Result 3.1.2: New sustainable employment and business opportunities in the tourism sector opened by joint cross-border efforts
Project budget: Total contract amount (€): Contracted amount EU (€) and

% of total contract amount:

€  209,847.46 €  178,370.68


Beneficiaries of funds: Lead applicant: Co-applicants:

Caritas Šabac


Red Cross of Tuzla Canton


Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia (BPSSS)

Location of the action: SRB: BiH:
Donje Podrinje (Municipalities of Bogatić, Town of Šabac, Town of Loznica), Protected landscape Konjuh (Kanton of Tuzla, Banović, Živinice, Kladanj)
Target groups: – People from vulnerable groups: persons with disabilities, persons with mental health issues, rural women, people in need depending on social assistance provision

– Agriculture household willing to diversify their economic activities towards tourism and tourism related business and rural tourism households

– Local Civil society organisations dealing with social protection and nature protection

– Institutions: local public tourism organisations, regional development agencies, local municipalities and towns, faculties

– Private tourism agencies, tour operators and guides

– Retailers, supermarket chains, pet shops

– Media

Commencement date and project duration: May 01st 2023, 24 months
Overall objective: Increasing the contribution of tourism to the socio-economic

development of the programme area

Specific objective(s) or project purpose:
  1. Innovative and sustainable employment and business opportunities in eco-tourism for people from vulnerable groups in cross-border area created
  2. Capacities for eco-tourism, particularly bird watching as a form of new, innovative approach of experiencing tourism raised and this type of tourism promoted, recognized and integrated in tourism offer in cross border region as a adequate tool for nature protection and social development.