Within the implementation of the CROSS SPA project activities, expert team of Specialised Hospital Cigota from Zlatibor transferred twenty-five years long experience and good practice in the creation and promotion of health programmes to the spa experts in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the two-day workshop.

The workshop was held in Spa Aquaterm in Olovo (Zenica-Doboj Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina) on February 6th and 7th. Cigota expert team shared its experiences in the implementation of the healthy weight loss programs: Cigotica (children treatment) and Cigota (treatment for adults). The employees in spas Aquaterm Olovo, Reumal Fojnica and Terme Ilidza, nutritionists from Sarajevo Health Centre, endocrinologists from the Sarajevo Clinical Centre and representatives of the Federal Ministry of Health were acquainted with Cigota experience.

Executives of Cigota and Cigotica programs, Dr. Aleksandar Djenic and Dr. Snezana Lesovic present the problems, mysteries and the importance of the multidisciplinary treatment of obesity and healthy lifestyles. Psychologist Jelena Smiljanic emphasized the importance of this discipline in the children and adults obesity treatments, while Jelena Sevkusic explained the difference between the need for physical activity and addiction of physical activities. Nutritionist dietician, Milica Cvijovic informed the B&H partners with characteristics of Cigota program nutrition, and physical therapist, Marica Mirkovic, the importance of kinesis therapy in solving the problem of obesity. The issue of marketing and successful promotion of the health programme experience was presented by Maja Vermezovic.
The experience in kinesis therapeutic and hydro kinesis therapeutic programs for children with deformities of the spine and obese children, was shared by Dr. Mirsad Muftic, physician.

In the next phases of the project, the experts will, based on twenty five years of Cigota’s experience, develop healthy programmes for three spas in B&H. The support provided through introducing innovative programmes and practices will enable the improvement of the tourism offer in the project area by attracting new clients and tourists that practice healthy lifestyles. All spas in cross-border area will create new joint tourism product based on healthy lifestyle programs.

The state television BHT1 will broadcast workshop realisation as a part of the serial dedicated to the healthy weight loss programmes which are seen as special tourism offer in the project area.

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