In accordance with suggested plan and program, training for rafting guides by the rules of World Rafting Organisation ( I RF) is completed.


The training was conducted by three  ( IRF) rafting guides; Aleksandar Pastir ( Bosnia and Heryegovina), Davor Cos (Croatia) and Emil Begunov (Bulgaria). The training was held on river with classification level 3 and the river levels that satisfies this category because in the project was included HE on Vrbas which regulated water level during the training.


The training is carried on the River Vrbas on which held the world’s biggest rafting events and the main maniseftation is the World Rafting Championship in 2009 year. The training became the part of IRF and is published at the site of IRF, but reports of candidates who passed and obtaind licenses will be sent in the base of IRF and the names will be published on the certified list. Weather conditions were unfavorable  with cold days and cold water but there were not health problems of candidates or any inguries during the training.


For these reasons, we started to introduce rafting guides with prossefional equipment for rafting wchich is very important for this sport. The training is published on the official site and the idea of creator is to introduce rafting guides with the rest international rafting guides and their kind of work at the training. In the training participated candidates from England, Switzerland, BiH, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Serbia which has led to new contacts and possible arrangements about future job or training at the other destination.


The training and licence of IRF has implied that these rafting guides are ready for all rivers for what have they got licence nd it does not mean to stay on the local rivers but to go and learn all over the world.


The training completed all chosen candidates who passed „Trainee guide“. Three candidades have got licence of IRF guides level 2 which is the official licence by which candidate could work in rafting companies and participate in official programe of IRF.



Training program


– First day, 09.04. 2014., Lim- Rudo


The first day, all participants gathered at one place in order to check their equipment and packing the mentioned equipment for the advanced rafting guide course. The training program is fully presented and participants are acquainted with rules and obligations during the training. From the beginning we worked most on the security measures of participants and trainings that are very important for guides in the further independent work. After preparatory activities participants were sent to the river Vrbas and this part of the river is predicted as a part of training which will help them in their professional work.  All participants had the dinner at the Rafting centre Kanjon in Karanovac. There they presented plan and program again, and they adopted methodology of activity during the entire training.



– Second day, 10.04.2014., Vrbas- Banja Luka


All participants attended the theoretical part of the training and the elements of the simplest way to make a loop in the rope, obligations about license and their manner of extension. The rules are that license is the personal thing of every guide and he has the obligation to extent the license. He has the obligation to send letter about passing the first aid not more than two years, filled and sealed by “Log Book” and payment of membership fees IRF. When guide passes the exam once, there is no need for him to come again but he has the obligation to send the rafting book where we can see all information about guide and his experience and his stays on the river, injuries and other important things. Participants were training your team main part of the day and make safe environment as a precondition for going to the river and enforcement of safe descent to the river. Participants trained advanced paddling techniques needed for a higher class of river. Participants also trained advanced techniques in leading raft in accordance with intensity of water. It is presented and trained the most important part in rafting techniques and it is turning raft in the proper position, counting the crew, their inserting into the boat and continue the journey.


Third day, 11.04.2014., Vrbas- Banja Luka


During the third day we worked on the crisis elements and other possible problems on the river. Instructors make simulations of various scenarios and participants are obliged to solve the problem during the rafting descent and to decide quickly depending on the situation. Participants are under a lot of stress and panic that are a main reason for accident on the river and we show them techniques how to overcome these situations. All participants swam in the rapids of class 3 and trained rescue techniques and also procedures which are very important for solving each of these situations. We also worked on resolving the jammed rafting boat under rocks and advanced techniques for its solving (Z system).  Through all this situations participants also learn the ways of communication and use the international river signals to rescue without these techniques are impossible. They trained on the crossing over the river at every possible way of raft and some other techniques depending on the situation.



After the training we made meeting where we discussed about what we have done during the day, asked the questions and led discussion for every situation that happened on the river.



Fourth day, 12.04.2014., Vrbas- Banja Luka


During the day participants trained at every techniques that are necessary for the official exam. In the afternoon we started with the exam for rafting guide IRF. All participants passed through whole system examination and categories necessary for future rafting guide. Special attention is paid on the organizational skills of every guide which in the future river Lim got the first IRF guide. Instructors will send recommendations for the individuals who have received license. Licenses will help them in their future work and improvement of new techniques.



Fifth day, 13.04.2014., Vrbas- Banja Luka


Today we continue taking exams and completion of training. According to the weather conditions participants got chance to improve their results in turning the boats and techniques which they trained in the past few days.


Training has been completed with the license announcement and comments for each rafting guide especially good or bad things that they showed during the training. Recommendations are give to each rafting guide what he should improve or do better in his techniques. It is suggested to guides program exchange on the international level and possibility of sending on other destinations where they can improve their knowledge.



Important notes:



– Every participant must be at the age of 18 years old.


– Every participant must know to swim and to be in good physical condition for participating in practical training.


– They must have license of passed the first aid.


– Every participant participates in the training on their own responsibility.


– Every participants must have main equipment for guide (helmet, jacket, paddle, rescue rope, rope for turning boat, knife, first aid kit) , neoprene suits and boots of 3 mm.


– Every participant who passed the exam must pay fees to IRF of 40$ for two years.


– License is valid two years and they can extend it by sending “Log book” and paying the fees. Extending is only guide responsibility.

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