In hotel Hollywood on Ilidža since 25th until 27th September 2013. training was held on the analysis of natural resources and GIS training as part of the “Wise use of common natural resources – road to sustainability of the Serbia/BiH cross-border region”, implemented by the Union of Ecologists – UNECO from Belgrade and Centre for Environmentally Sustainable Development from Sarajevo.

This training was attended by representatives of the working group responsible for updating and maintaining GIS database, established on the first workshop, from all six municipalities involved in the project – Bijeljina, Bogatic Mali Zvornik, Zvornik, Bratunac, Ljubovija.

The three-day program began on Wednesday 25th September after the gathering of participants and joint lunch. Welcome speech was followed by GIS training and talks about getting to know the basics of QGIS application, starting QGIS application and introduction to the basic tools. By the end of the first day, GIS experts from the UNECO and the CESD and the assembled representatives of municipalities trained to insert the current raster and vector data in QGIS.

Central day, Thursday 26th September was spent in four blocks of GIS training. Experts Boris Vakanjac, Lamija Merdan and Milos Ninkovic have exhibited the following topics that are practiced on the spot in editing data, meeting with symbology and display of shp files, procedures georeferencing maps in QGIS, the printing, exporting, and saving maps in QGIS. After the completion of training for all participants was organized a trip to the source of Bosnia where they were introduced to the natural beauty of the said landscape.

The last training day was reserved for the DPSIR methodology as a tool in the integrated management of natural resources and analysis of natural resources in the project area. After discussion among the participants came to the conclusion of a three-day training.

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