Within the project “Development and Promotion of Health and Spa tourism in Cross Border area of Bosnia and Herzegovina –Serbia” (Cross Spa), which is implemented by Foundation of Local Democracy Sarajevo and Tourism Organization of the Region of Western Serbia in partnership with Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency “SERDA” and “Zlatibor” Regional Development Agency from Užice, 2-day workshop on health tourism issues in cross-border area was held in Special hospital „Čigota“ on Zlatibor, on 25th and 26th September 2013.

In „Čigota“ Special hospital, representatives of the spas: Aquaterm Olovo, Terme Ilidža and Reumal Fojnica (in Bosnia and Herzegovina), Special hospital „Čigota“ and „Zlatar“ Rehabilitation Center (in Serbia), Mona hotel, tourist agencies, local tourist organizations and ecological associations, have defined guidelines for further development of this type of tourism with special reference to possible joint tourism programmes.

Workshop had ended with the official presentation of the Study on the Situation and Possibilities for Improving Health Tourism in Cross-border Area of Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides participants, workshop was attended by: commissioner of the Delegation  of the EU to the Republic of Serbia, ms. Elisabetta Satorell, representatives of Joint Technical Secretariat of the Cross-border Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina, the state secretary  of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, delegate of National Tourism Organisation of Serbia, representatives of Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Minister of economy from Sarajevo Canton, secretary of Serbian Spas Association, members of Ivanjica Rehabilitation Center and Special hospital „Merkur“ from Vrnjačka Banja.

The aim of the workshop and presentation was to form the platform for mutual work on improving the existing offer and creating joint offer of this type of tourism, through key actors dialogue in the field of health, wellness and spa tourism.

Recommendations of the Workshop and the Study, will be available from 1st November 2013,  on the „Zlatibor“ Regional Development Agency website.

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