The summer camp planned as part of the project activities under the name “Youth Participation” has today finished. It lasted 7 days (from the 22nd to 28th of June 2014) and has actively involved 20 high school volunteers from Tuzla and Valjevo. Valjevo was represented by students from the High School of Medicine “Dr. Miša Panti?” and Tuzla by the volunteers of the UHD “Prijateljica”.

For the realization of the activities it has been prepared a meaningful educational agenda. The objective was to inform and encourage youth to actively participate into the preparation  and the implementation of the campaign for the World Day of Mental Health (10th of October). For the World Day of Mental Health a defined topic has been already identified: “Living with schizophrenia”. Through the workshops which subject was tolerance and acceptance of diversities, as well as through the preparation of the campaigns arriving to the workshops which subjects were public relations, it has been discussed a lot about prejudices and changing attitudes towards people with mental disorders. The workshop had as result a lot of ideas for the slogan and the messages of the campaign. in which youth will be actively involved.

Beside the working part, activities about the history of the city and visits to the public museums of Valjevo have been also organized. Beyond the full agenda of the activities planned for the summer camp, youth wished to better know each other  and to spend free time together, organizing by themselves other activities for the whole group!

High satisfaction has been expressed by youth at the end of the camp: “We thought we would bother, but it was absolutely a fantastic and meaningful experience”, this to proof that the issue of mental health belongs to everyone and that everyone should think about his/her attitudes and prejudices.