After long public procurement process, container transport truck has arrived in Uzice. Truck is designed to transport 5m3 and 7m3 containers, that will be filled with waste from 14 schools which are involved in implementation of project “Primary waste selection”. In this way, infrastructural preconditions for process implementation, at the beginning of school year, are achieved.

New truck will contribute to regular containers emptying and better recording of collected raw materials and this will further promote primary waste selection as a desirable and acceptable method of waste management in Uzice city. Two years in a row, Uzice conduct primary waste selection in the inner city area.

The intention of project author was affirmation of primary waste selection process and persuasion of local authorities that this type of investment leads to significant savings and income which will be realized years later, in the following stages of waste management process. Procurement was financed by the European Union and truck raises technical capacities of public utility companies in Uzice in process of municipal waste management.

In less than 2 months of regular waste collecting, nearly 2,5 tons of raw materials: paper, cardboard, PET bottles, aluminum cans and carton packaging has been collected and shipped to the PUC Duboko recycling center.

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