Operating Structures of the Cross-Border Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Programme, with the support of the Delegations of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia and to Bosnia and Herzegovina, are organizing Partner search forum for potential applicants who will apply within the Third Call for Proposals of the CBC Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Partner search forum will be organised in Tuzla on March 28th 2013.

All registered participants will receive by e-mail detailed information regarding the exact location, time and the agenda of the Forum.

Forum will be organised on the fair concept. All participants that want to be exibitors structures of the Programme will provide exibition space for their institution and/or project idea (table 1m2). If you want to have your own stand please infrom us with your registration form. Also, if you want to participate just as visitor inform us on e-mail indicating how many persons from your organisation will be present.

We invite all interested potential applicants to confirm their participarion in the workshops at the e-mail address vladislav.vlajic@srb-bih.org no later than March 22nd 2013 3 AM.

Registration fomr can be downloaded here.