Evaluation of results and achievements of our project, which is implemented by Insitute for Territorial Economic Development from Belgrade (InTER), started with a two-day visit to Užice at the end of last week. The evaluation aims at reviewing the project results, assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of results fulfillment, assessing the possibilities for project sustainability after its completion and creating recommendations for improvement of the established proces.

First, the evaluators conducted interviews with: project team members; PUC Duboko managers (Leading Partner); biology professors  who led the ecological sections and who were leaders in primary waste selection in their schools; then they  visited primary school Slobodan Sekulić, which is a good example of primary waste selection of waste in Užice`s schools.

The evaluators will aslo visit Tuzla and complete their analysis through an interviews with other members of the project team, representatives of partner organizations and teachers who implemented project activities in Tuzla’s schools.

The evaluation report will be completed by the middle of April.