On 27 -28 July 2013. was held on Eco-regatta in Rudo. The aim of the regatta was to clean river and 33 kilometers coastline  from the Priboj to Rudo.
On the first day of the Eco regatta -part  from Priboj to the city beach in Rudo was cleaned with 10 boats.
On the second day of the regatta part from Rudo to Stehovo was cleaned
During these two days, participants picked up the five trucks of waste, thoroughly cleaned four beaches and removed dead branches that were above the water.
Eco regatta  led by Captain Aleksander Pastir, along with his team from Banja Luka and skippers Priboj and Rudo. This event attended by about 150 participants.
For all participants of the regatta was provided with lunch and refreshments on the beach in Sjeverin.

Regata-u-Rudom Eko-regata-u-Rudom