on 11 and 12.03.2014 training was held in Gorazde at hotel ” Behar ” with the following topics :

– ” The necessity of applying pesticides in fruit and their harmful effects on bees “.

– ” The toxicity of pesticides and their impact on bees .”

– ” The importance of bees in pollination process and transmission of zoonotic diseases of fruit trees .”

The training was attended by 25 participants from two associations of fruit growers and two associations of beekeepers . The lecture was held by prof . Dr. Nedzad Karic from the University of Veterinary from Sarajevo . All the trainings topics were evaluated as very positive since that in practice it is necessary that such associations cooperate in order to protect the bees , training topics and organization were assessed through an evaluation questionnaire where 84.13 % participants have found training with an excellent grade 5 and 15.87 % of the participants have found training with a very good grade 4 .

The event was covered by the media , by local Public Enterprise Radio and Television of the Bosnian- podrinje canton Gorazde and broadcasted in the News of 11.03.2014.