The second study trip to the Austrian town of Gussing was organised from October 14th until October 18th, this time for secondary school students from the towns of Bijeljina and Bogatic. They visited European Centre for Renewable Energy, the partner of Bogatic on the project ‘’ Bijeljina and Bogatic, together on the way towards energy sustainability through increasing energy efficiency and promotion of renewable energy sources’’
A group of 32 students gained new knowledge in the field of energy management and the possibility of using renewable energy sources. The purpose of this trip, as well as of the previous visit, was to familiarisation with basic concepts of sustainable energy through the use of renewable energy sources and increase in energy efficiency as well as good practice local government’s energy management. Gussing is a city in eastern Austria, which became well known, within the last decade for attaining energy independence and a sustainable model of energy management.

Complete program was organised for this five day visit, where the students saw three regional power plants that produce electricity and heat using biomass or biogas, followed by education and training within the field of electricity generated from solar energy . As well, the children visited Gussing secondary school besides the Agricultural school and the stud farm, where they were able to see school’s biogas plant.
The students have visited Eco Park nearby Gussing town, one of the most unique theme parks of that kind.
On the fourth day of the visit, participants were taken to the city of Vienna and a local Technology Museum, where they rounded the educational tour, related to gaining knowledge on the benefits and necessity of renewable energy sources use as well as increase in energy efficiency.