In order to overcome the common problem as the lack of qualified and well-trained staff in the tourism industry, the Association Užice Center for Human Rights and Democracy, the School of Economics Uzice Vocational School of Economics Užice and the Chamber of Economy for Sarajevo Canton started solving the problem through the project “Bridging”. They will try to contribute to increasing sustainable employability and mobility by encouraging young people and people who need professional retraining in order to get a job faster. An imperative of this project is improving tourism services in line with market requirements and encouraging the employability of young women.

The goal will be achieved through the implementation of four sets of activities:

Education and transfer of knowledge to the direct beneficiaries of the project;

The establishment of two centers for theoretical training of staff in tourism;

Networking activities and planning for the development of the service of retraining and training of staff in tourism;

Promotion of tourism profession in primary schools in the cross-border area of Zlatibor District and Sarajevo Canton;

Raising the visibility of the project.

 We hope that the project will contribute to the increase of tourist potentials and improved tourist image of the region, and finally, d to the increased number of satisfied tourists in the cross-border region.