The Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Zlatibor administrative district and the Energis Association, organized B2B meetings of metal and wood industry companies under the project  “Enhance”.  The B2B meeting held on December 15, 2022, at the Austria & Bosnia Hotel in Sarajevo. More than 60 representatives of companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia participated in the event.

The goal of business B2B meetings is to support companies in finding and expanding a business network. The Director of the Sector for Industry and Services of the FBiH Chamber of Commerce, Almin Mališević, said that the intention was to gather as many companies as possible in order to jointly find new business opportunities in BiH and Serbia, as well as to create preconditions for a joint appearance on third markets.

“Since the beginning of this project, we constantly participate in all project activities. We connected with a lot of companies and achieved a certain type of cooperation. This project is very important for us, we begin familiar with the possibilities of connecting companies from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also we hope that we will be the initiator of cross-border cooperation in the future”, said the participant of the B2B meeting from Serbia.