Project Improving Fire Emergency Management System in the cross-border area of B&H and Serbia, is being realized according to the action plan. Trainings were conducted, equipment was procured, a fire protection plan was prepared, but the most was achieved in the field of strengthening the capacity of professional staff.

 Rogatica and Bajina Bašta strengthened human and upgraded technical capacities. Representatives of Forest Management Enterprises, Territorial Fire Brigade from Rogatica and Bajina Bašta, and Tara National Park attended two trainings during 2021.

Nenad Ujić, an employee of the Rogatica Territorial Fire Brigade, pointed out the increased readiness of his unit to act in case of fires, as well as in rescuing the injured. He also boasted about the new look of his unit: “Rescue equipment for rescue from heights is something new for us, so far we have not had any contact with this type of equipment, we were completely unprepared for this type of interventions. This equipment requires a lot of work and exercises, so that we can respond well to the challenges which are placed in front of us regarding the rescue from heights and depths “.

Marko Tomić, project coordinator, emphasizes the efficiency and importance of the trainings: “Participants were trained how to apply the method of communication and coordination in case of a forest fire being reported. Also, they got familiar with prevention measures that can significantly reduce the occurrence of forest fires, as well as with the response procedures when a forest fire occurs on the border between Serbia and BiH. ”