Final conference of the project Improved Emergency Preparedness & Coordinated Response in Cross-Border Area of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBC -IePCR) took place in Bajina Bašta on February 28, 2028.

Marko Čalija, member of the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia pointed out that the valuable rescue and medical equipment purchased within the project will contribute to the improvement of work in the future. He also mentioned that joint training added to the necessary knowledge and experience in rescue missions.

“Kroz ovaj projekat nabavili smo vrednu spasilačku opremu, kao i deo medicinske opreme. To će nam značajno olakšati funkcionisanje u budućnosti.

Samy Hermas, from Mountain Rescue Service MRS Station Sarajevo said that this was the first EU funded project MRS Station Sarajevo participated in, and as such brought very important experiences and new connections with the project partners.

Project activities took place in Zlatibor County in Serbia and in Brčko, Foča, Orašje, Sarajevo, Trnovo, Hadžići in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This project enabled us to purchase equipment for the Mountain Lodge in Rastište improving in that way conditions for the staying at the Lodge, explained Nenad Lečić from the Mountaineering Association Tara.

Mountain Rescue Services from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Mountaineering Association Tara will continue their cooperation after the end of the project – the first one being the Drina River training in rescue from rapid waters.