Under the project “Improve employability of people from vulnerable groups through provision of new knowledge and skills” training for a personal assistant was held in the Center for professional development in Šabac from 23.01. until 25.01.2023.

The training, in which 21 participants participated, was accredited by the Republic Employment Institute. Participants who successfully complete the training will have the opportunity to provide the mentioned services within  a licensed personal assistant service provider in the social protection system of the Republic of Serbia.

Jelena Smiljanić, one of the participants, said: “I started the personal assistant training with great will and desire to learn something new as a young and ambitious person in a field in which I had no experience until now.” I started with the motive to try myself at the personal assistant job after receiving the certificate, because I think I have a feeling for working with people who need such support. The field of personal assistance for people with disabilities is presented in great detail, and the practical part is also not omitted, and I  am very satisfied. It was a great pleasure to be a part of this training and I would be happy to listen to same lectures again.”