The project “Improved Emergency Preparedness & Coordinated Response in Cross-Border Area of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBC -IePCR)“ conducted the first training for 25 participants in mastering skiing skills. The training took place from March 23 to 17, 2022 on Bjelašnica Mountain, with all the project partners participating.

“The focus of the training was on the new members of the mountain rescue services with the aim to acquire skills such as proper ski stance and glide, as well as wedge turning and stopping” Aiša Kantardžić, ski instructor from the Association of Trainers and Ski Instructors in Bosnia and Herzegovina explained.  

There are no „easy“ slopes on Bjelašnica and this is why this mountain was a very good choice for such training.

„I have not seen bad skiers on Bjelašnica. The slopes are not easy and this was challenge for us to test our skills. We also had a chance to aid members of the Mountain Rescue Service BiH during and actual rescue mission” Aleksandar Abramovic, member of the Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia pointed out.