Project title: Improving testing abilities on postural and spinal column status – SpinLab

Axis:  I.2/Exchange of people and ideas

Amount requested: SRB 65,453.00 & BIH 61,268.70                         Total 149,319.50

Applicants:  Applicant 1 – Faculty of Sport and Physical Education – Novi Sad, Serbia

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Applicant 2 – Faculty of sport and physical education – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina

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Partners: Applicant 1’s partners – NA

Applicant 2’s partners – NA

Duration of the Action:  12 months

Overall objective: Contribute to detection and prevention of children and youth health problems with sensorimotor apparatus in Srem county and Sarajevo city district
Specific objectives: 1.   Proper identification and research of sensorimotor apparatus and spinal column problems

2.   Raising awareness of target groups and informing community about the importance of prevention and detection of sensorimotor apparatus problems

Target groups:   Children (less than 18 years old), Educational organizations (school, universities), Young people, Disabled, Women
Final beneficiaries: Health, general; Medical education/training; Medical Research; Health Personnel Development; Medical Research; General sport; Medical Services; General society in Srem district and Sarajevo city district
Estimated results of the action: 1. Established centre for diagnostic and research of sensorimotor apparatus problems and definition of treatment procedures

2. Educated doctors, parents, children and youth on importance of detection, prevention and efficient treatment of sensorimotor apparatus and spinal column problems and raised public awareness on this problem

Main activities:  1. Equipment for laboratory and testing; 2.1)  Presentation equipment; 2.2) Parent education; 2.3) Education of school workers; 2.4) Doctor Conference; 3.1) Organisation of testing; 3.2) Analysis of research results; 3.3) Preparation, design and publishing; 4.1) Design and press of PR material; 4.2) Organization of public performances; 4.3) Web; 4.4) Sport Event; 5.) Project management