As a part of the project International Lim Biathlon manifestation Priboj-Rudo (Setihovo)- Regatta for all, three events was organized, namely: 16.08.2013 . Regatta  for people with special needs, 17.08. Great traditional regatta and 18.08. Replay of regatta for the camp participants and other participants of the event.
On the first day of the event, regatta for disabled people was organized for the first time. Participants was Nada Rudo Association , the Association of people with cerebral palsy from Priboj, Association Zelje from Visegrad and DPOs from Kosjeric Ivanjice . The event was attended by skippers and volunteers of the Municipal Development Agency Rudo and Tourism Organization Priboj which provided maximum support and safety of participants. Regatta started at 10 am from the beach in Priboj to Uvac (10km) . At the end refreshments and lunch for all participants was organized for all participants. The event attended some  100 participants .
On the second dayGreat traditional regatta started at 09AM . The meeting of participants of the regatta was on the main beach in Priboj. Finish was at Stehovo in Rudo some  thirty kilometers from the start . For all participants was organized refreshments and breakfast after which registration of all participants was conducted. This regatta was led by Aleksander Pastir, president Rafting Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the director of the world rafting association. In this event was attended by about 50 boats, about 500 participants. Cyclists from Rudo and Priboj also participated. The regatta started at 11 AM. After short break with refreshments and lunch in Rudo , participants continued regatta. The most exciting point of this section were rapids Valine , which are the main attraction of this regatta . Excited rafters  flowed into Lim Lake, Setihovo.  Organizers secured transportation to camping areas on the main beach in Rudo . Organizer ORA Rudo at the end of the day hosted concert rock band, Zabranjeno Pusenje in Liberty Square in Rudo , starting at 21h which was attended by some 1,500 visitors from Rudo , Visegrad , Foca and the surrounding towns .
On the last day replay of regatta was organized for all participants   of the camp .  All participants were provided a ride with Vodeni ciro boat. After beautiful companionship and entertainment, organizer Rudo Municipal Development Agency has provided transportation for all participants to Rudo. As in previous years, the Municipal Development Agency has made an effort to provide all participants with refreshments , food and a good time .

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