After purchasing and distributing of 5,000 waste selection bins in 2500 households within the  project  “SUBREC”, the  disposal of selected waste in a special truck for dry waste has begun. The new truck was purchased for Public Utility Company “Bioktoš”, a value of procurement was 75 thousand euros. Branded truck under the slogan “For a nicer and cleaner Uzice” has a capacity of 8 cubic meters.

“Our job is made easier by purchasing a specialized truck, primarily selected waste can be picked up in a day. The amount of waste for April is around 60 tonnes, which is a big step forward compared to last year. Our company has financial benefit, as well as JKP ‘’Duboko’’ since primary selection protects the body of the landfill, which is overloaded with mixed waste “, emphasized Oliver Ristanović, director of JKP Bioktoša.