wo-day trainings for ecology section teachers in primary and secondary schools in Užice and Tuzla were held in last  few weeks. Trainings were part of educational activities of project “Primary Waste Selection in Schools”. Training in Tuzla lasted 2 days, from April 12th to 13th and was attended by 14 teachers who will lead ecology sections in schools in Tuzla. Training in Užice was from April 19th to 20th and also 14 teachers participated in.

Trainings were aimed at enhancing capacity of teachers in area of environmental protection, also to improve methods of working with school age children and to highlight the importance of primary waste selection through ecology classes. Through interactive workshops and special presentation techniques that engage mental and emotional skills, participants gained new skills on how to transfer knowledge about environmental protection.

Selected teachers are school representatives in area of primary waste selection and implementation of this concept in two cross-border cities will depend on teachers enthusiasm, credibility and energy.

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