Dear potential applicants,

The Joint Technical Secretariat for the Cross-Border Programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina will organize on 25 April 2012 in Užice a one day workshop on preparation of the project proposal, which will include general presentation of the Programme, of calls for proposals and of how to fill in the application form and the budget. 

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please apply at the following e-mail address no later than 17 April 2012. Since the number of attendees will be limited, maximum two persons per organization/institution may apply by sending to the abovementioned address their name, name of organization/institution where they work and contact e-mail address.

Selection of the participants will be done based on the prior attendance to the JTS training events. Advantage will be given to the institutions/organizations that have not attended previous training events organized by the JTS. The first 100 candidates who apply will be informed by e-mail on the exact location and agenda of the workshop no later than 19 April 2012.

Also, we would like to stress the fact that this is the first workshop and that, based on the expressed interest, the JTS will organize additional workshops at different locations both in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Relevant information will be published in due time on our web site.