Programme: CBC SRB-BiH 2014-2020
Call for Proposals: 3rd
Contract No. 48-00-162/2021-28-10 signed on  June 8th 2023
Project Title: Experience Roman Heritage on Drina and Sava – Roman Emperors Route
Specific objective of the Programme: SO 3.1. Increasing the contribution of tourism to the socio-economic development of the programme area
Programmes’ result: Result inclusion 3.1.1: The offer and quality of tourism products and services is furthered based on joint efforts and initiatives
Project budget: Total contract amount (€): Contracted amount EU (€) and

% of total contract amount:

€  382,926.25 €  325,487.31


Beneficiaries of funds: Lead applicant: Co-applicants:

Institute for the protection of monuments, Sremska Mitrovica


PI Archeologican Museum, Skelani

Tourist organisation of Srebrenica


Centre for Sustainable Development and Democracy CORD, Belgrade

Location of the action: SRB: BiH:
Sremska Mitrovica Skelani and Srebrenica
Target groups: 1. Employees in local public institutions in Sremska Mitrovica and Srebrenica (local tourism organisations, municipal services, cultural and natural heritage, management bodies)

2. SMEs in the tourism sector / Local tourism service providers

3. Tourism journalists/influencers

4. Tourists and visitors in cross border region

Commencement date and project duration: June 16th 2023, 18 months
Overall objective: Overall objective of the action is sustainable development of the cross-border region through tourism activation of the valuable culture heritage and important cultural monuments in order to support the CB area socio-economic development.
Specific objective(s) or project purpose: SO1. Improving the quality of the tourism product and services along the regional tourism product/cultural route Roman Emperors Route (RER) in the CB area

SO2. Improving tourism development strategic framework in the CB area (municipality of Srebrenica)

 SO3. Improving tourist infrastructure on the Roman archaeological site in Skelani as well as Srebrenica

SO4. Improvement of the capacities and competencies of local stakeholders and SMEs for managing/promotion of regional tourism product(s)

SO5. Improving attractiveness, visibility, interpretation and tourists’ awareness of the Roman history and cultural heritage in general in the cross-border area (Sremska Mitrovica and Srebrenica)