Measure I.2– Cross-border initiatives targeting the exchange of people and ideas to enhance the professional and civic society cooperation


Project Title:  Eko centar Prijepolje – Čajniče

Project Budget:

  Project Value EU Contribution
Republic of Serbia € 57,398.28 € 47,933.28
Bosnia and Herzegovina € 55,581.09 € 46,022.50
TOTAL € 112,979.37 €93,955.78



Beneficiary of funds in the Republic of Serbia: Municipality of Prijepolje

Beneficiary of funds in Bosnia and Herzegovina:  Municipality of Čajniče




Area of implementation:

  • Serbia: Municipality of Prijepolje
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Municipality of Čajniče

The target groups of the project: .Young, students from the cross border area, Research organizations


Project duration: 1st December 2010 –   30th November 2011


Project objectives:

The overall objectives: Strengthened of the cross-border connections among the youth

The specific objectives of the project: Made opportunity the exchange among the youth, aiming at the exchange of experience and education on the ways to protect the bio-diversity and living environment


Activities and results of the project

  The aim of the project was to exchange of experiences and knowledge between young people on biodiversity and environmental protection. Two Municipalities established the first non-government organizations, Eko Centre Čajniče and Eko centre Aljinovići, with aim to deal with environment issues.

Three-day joint training was organized for 32 young biologists, 16 from each country. Young environmentalists were introduced to the complete plan and research programme, sampling techniques of the endemic and rare plants using sophisticated equipment. After that, they also attended two ten-day camps where they gained practical research skills. The first camp was held in July 2011 in Čajniče, during which young researchers explored the protected biodiversity of Cicelj areas. They gained knowledge about the natural environment and made a significant contribution to the protection and promotion of the area. The second camp held in August 2011 in Eco Centre Aljinovići and the main theme was medicinal herbs. In the course of laboratory and field work, more than 300 species, of which over 70 are endemic, were mapped and locate.

Space for Eko centres were reconstructed and all necessary equipment were purchased through project: four Desktop computers, two Multifunctional devices, two Compact cameras, two Interactive panels, two Video kits, two Microscope 1000x, 10 Microscopes 400x, Histological models plants, models animals, models humans, 10 Histological product, 10 Magnifying glasses, 10 Scientific illustrations, Camera and equipment with telescopic lens and two handheld GPS devices.


Project activities and results were promoted in local and regional radio and TV stations through four Press conferences, four newsletters and joint web site . Visibility material was produced: 6 tables, 30 stickers, 40 business suits, 200 T-shirts, 200 caps, 1000 pens and1000 notebooks, ID band and ID card, 500promo QSL cards.


Eco centres continue to provide service after the project’s completion. Also, numerous environmental and tourism organisations expressed their interest in project activities, and Eco Centres will work towards ensuring their continued engagement – through cooperation, partnership and information sharing. Above all, new friendships between youth truly reflect the success of the project. Young people from Prijepolje visited again Eco Centre Čajniče on their own initiative and cost in September 2011.