Project title: Beekeeping – Activity for Future ( BAF )

Axis:  Measure 1.2

Budget: SRB € 87,168.41 & BIH € 95,480.00                        Total € 182,648.41

Applicants:  Applicant 1 – Municipality of Gorazde – Gorazde, Bosnia and Hercegovina

25 Grb_Gorazde

Applicant 2 – Association of  beekeepers Prijepolje – Prijepolje, Serbia

25 Pcelari

Partners: Applicant 1’s partners – Beekeepers Association “Behar”; Fruit Growers Association “Drina”

Applicant 2’s partners – Municipality of Prijepolje; Association of Fruit “Golden Raspberry”

Duration of the Action:  12 months

Overall objective: The overall objective is to promote rural development of the border areas of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Specific objectives: The specific objective is to improve the conditions for the development of beekeeping in the border communities of Prijepolje and Gorazde municipalities.
Target groups:   Target group in this Project are members of the associations of beekeepers and fruit producers.
Final beneficiaries: Indirect target groups are: families of the members of the associations of beekeepers and fruit producers, persons involved in beekeeping and fruit growing that are not members of the associations. End-users are local population in cross-border region of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and foreign market users.
Estimated results of the action: -Improved institutional – managerial and productive capacities of existing beekeepers’

– Promoted beekeeping at the local, regional and national level

– Improved competitiveness of bee products and market access   

Main activities:

1.1 Organization of training for beekeepers and fruit growers

1.2.Visit to learn about best practices

1.3.Establishing joint cross-border committee on beekeeping

1.4. Procurement of equipment for beekeeping

2.1.Promotion of the Project  ( through TV programs )

2.2 Introducing bee production to preschool children

2.3.Creation of promotional materials

2.4. Organization of the 2 tribunes in Prijepolje and Gorazde

2.5.The performance at the national fair of beekeeping (shared performance)

2.6.Organization of events in Prijepolje and Gorazde

3.1 Design and production of boxes / bags for packaging and promotion of honey and honey products

3.2 Familiarizing beekeepers with modern methods and production of honey and honey products

3.3 Familiarizing  beekeepers with legal procedures, regulations and standardization of businesses