On July 17th 2013 opening conference of the project Safe Food Region was held in premises of Regional Chamber of Commerce Valjevo. Representatives of Regional Chamber of Commerce Valjevo, Aleksandar Jovanovic and Mirjana Djordjevic and representatives of Regional Chamber of Commerce Bijeljina lavica Markovic and Daniela Lazendic presented planed activities and overall objective of the project.

Project goals i.e. strengthening of competitiveness of SMEs, prevention of food health injuries for consumers and exchange of best food safety practices among producers, processors and consumers are presented to present local media representatives

During implementation of the project following activities are planned, namely: Implementation of food safety trainings free of charge, study visit companies from Bijeljina Region to Kolubara region and visit of Serbian companies to Bosnia and Herzegovina Food Seafty Agency and printing of food safety guides.

Complete conference report can be found here.


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