With the new school year, primary and secondary schools in Uzice got steel containers for the  disposal of waste from plastic bins which has been placed inside of schools. In this way, raw material could be stored until all waste will be transported to the PUC Duboko recycling center by special truck which was purchased in September.

5m3 and 7m3 containers were set in school yards and it would help school support staff to carry out their daily tasks in safe, clean and more adequate manner. Each school has got one container with set of keys which should prevent different problems like: waste burning, theft, rain-soaked garbage, waste dispersion by animals and uncontientious people. This will provide more satisfactory storage and transport which will significantly affect the increase of its market value and thus the process is going to be financially sustainable.

The first quantities of collected waste have already been sent to PUC Duboko recycling center.

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