Eco-quizzes on recycling and primary waste selection were organized in Užice`s secondary schools, between 11th and 13th December, in order to compare students` knowledge acquired through the ecological sections and to qualify the best of them for participation in the ecological camp “Tuzla 2014”, which implementation is scheduled between 8th and 12th January next year.

The following students achieved the best results (points scored are in brackets):

School of Art: Ivana Milosavljević (41) and Malina Čubraković (34)

Technical School: “Radoje Ljubičić”: Nemanja Bajčetić (46) and Jelena Jovanović (45)

School of Economics: Kaća Tešović (42) and Sara Popović (38)

Music School ” Vojislav Lale Stefanović”: Sara Matović (42) and Tara Korać (38)

Technical School: Milena Tomić (50) and Aleksandar Citić (50)

Medical School: Milica Paunović (47) and Julija Kostić (47)

Grammar School: Jovana Lazarević (50), Ognjen Joksimović (47) and Srdjan Dragutinović (47)


106 students from 7 secondary schools in Užice, from 1st-4th grade, took part in quizzes. Alike competition was simultaneously conducted in 7 secondary schools in Tuzla. Quiz questions and scenario were identical in both towns and they are result of cooperation and joint work of the Project team members.