As a part of the survey conducted on the project “Young – the most important driving engine of our region”, funded by the EU, Center for Equitable Regional Development-CenTriR issued a comprehensive analysis which reveals different aspects of the implementation of youth policies in the municipalities/cities located in the Serbian part of the cross-border region Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most important part of the analysis are the results of a research on the functioning of the youth offices in 8 municipalities/cities of the aforementioned region – Sremska Mitrovica, Indjija, Stara Pazova, Ruma, Prijepolje, Nova Varoš, Užice and Čajetina – and the implementation of local Youth Action Plans in these communities. In order to obtain a comprehensive insight into the current results of implementation of the youth policies in municipalities and cities that were included in this analysis, the last part of the analysis presents the findings of the survey among 544 high school students from the same local communities, on how they assess the work of local bodies in solving the problems of young people.

The project “Young – the most important driving engine of our region” is being implemented jointly by the Center for Equitable Regional Development-CenTriR and the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Republika Srpska through the IPA Cross-Border Programme Serbia- Bosnia and Herzegovina.

CenTriR’s analysis is available HERE