Press conference was organized in Bogatić on the occasion of completion of the project Improving employability of people from vulnerable groups through provision of new knowledge and skills. Project was implemented in partnership by Caritas Šabac, Municipality of Bogatić, Centre for Training, Retraining and Professional Rehabilitation of people with disabilities and other categories difficult to employ PROREHA Sarajevo, and Institution for adult education –Social educational centre -Banja Luka.

Milan Damjanović, president of Bogatić municipality welcomed conference participants pointing out that the project promoted values that bring many benefits to its participants. He reiterated that this was not the first EU project where municipality partnered with Caritas Šabac.

Matthieu Penot, representative of the EU Delegation to Serbia stated that the European Union supports citizens of the Republic of Serbia with the cross-border projects. He pointed out that the project results are fully aligned with the values presented in the European Social Charter on Social Rights. These values include rights to lifelong learning, education, and trainings adjusted to the needs of individuals, just as the project goals were.   

Miroljub Nikolić, director of Caritas, presented activities and results of the project. He pointed out that 360 people, out of which 120 disabled individuals, participated in 18 workshops with topics such as entrepreneurship, digital skills and specialized training.