A two-day training was organized  in Sarajevo from June 16 to 17, 2022 by t he Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Zlatibor Administrative District and the Energis Association.
The aim of the training is to provide basic knowledge about the importance of innovations and their application for SMEs, assessments of the sustainability of innovative projects etc.
“It was a very useful experience for small entrepreneurs to attend this type of education to strengthen our capacities. We learned that the only way to success and competitiveness in the market is innovation. It is our job to continue to develop, improve, precisely define innovations.  “, states Jelena Alimić, Mina Užitak from Užice.
This type of education has multiple meanings due to the merger of businessmen from BiH and Serbia. The training was attended by businessmen, SME managers in the field of wood, food and metal sectors.
“We thank the organizers who offered a very high quality education to the businessmen of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and thus enabled cross-border connection of SMEs through such an event. The lecturers from the Sarajevo Regional Development Agency are very professional, and during the training they provided very useful advice for the purpose of developing innovations in SMEs and their application to early EU programs “, states Miljana Ačimović, Delta filter from Užice.